We looked at the book called "Belonging" by Jeannie Baker.

Here are the questions we asked (the one we have chosen to discuss is in bold)

Who is the boy?

Was it the guy next door who she got married to?

Why does it only have a picture every 2 years?

Why did she put a trampoline outside?

Why are there no words?

When did she have the baby?

Does "Tracy" mean something and where do names come from?

Why did she put a bath outside?

Whose perspective is it taken from?

Why does it say "sorry" in the sky?

If the book gets famous, will the Earth become a better place to live like in the end of the book?

Will the family continue living there for the rest of time?

What is the purpose of the book?

Why is the same bus at the start there at the finish?

Is the town making a change for a reason? Eg global warming?

Why is it through a window?

Why is the title "Belonging"?

What does the story represent?

Is there a meaning or moral?

What age was she when she had her baby?

Why does she love him?

Why is it set in a hot country?

Why is there a picture for every 2 years?

Why does it go through one window?

Is it  good place to grow up?

Did it take 2 years for her to fully change?

Why does it skip so many years?




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