We explored what makes a good school -

Being friendly to everyone – FRIENDLINESS

Doing as you are told – OBEDIENCE

Thinking for yourself – INDEPENDENCE

Being honest – HONESTY

Having fun – ENJOYMENT


Being neat and careful – METICULOUSNESS

Being kind – KINDNESS

We discussed these concepts and thought about each one and why they would be good for a school. Then we thought of questions about them.

Can you be too kind?

Can you ever work too hard?

Will people get hurt if you are careful?

Can you have too much fun?

Can you be too honest?

What if you are so independent that you don’t let anyone help you with anything?

Should you do something that is not safe if it is what you have been told?

How do you know the difference between being friendly in a good way and being over-friendly?

We chose to discuss whether you could ever have too much fun. There were some interesting ideas and thoughts.


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